Temple of Melchizedek

dedicated to the promotion of peace

becoming ordained in the Temple

Here is some information about our structure and ordination process

an overview of the ordination process

Step # 1


There are 9 required classes and 1 optional class. The classes conducted by the Temple of Melchizedek may be attended by anyone who wishes to attend wether or not they plan to pursue ordination. Classes are not intended to teach any form of dogma or ideology. Classes are intended to bring forth information which has been gleaned from historical research for the purpose of enlightenment. If a person is intended for the priesthood after the order of Melchizedek , then the presented information will free the initiate from limiting dogmas, ideologies, and beliefs that may hamper personal ascension and growth. Attendees are not expected to believe all or any of the material presented in class. However perspective priests are expected to be able to open their minds to new possibilities and probabilities which may not fit in their current paradigm.

For the attentive student the priesthood preparation classes will manifest personal change which will extend to every facet of one's being. This material when presented congruently will change the student forevermore while opening up unimaginable pathways to enlightenment. However for those who have been shackled by limiting dogmas, the information will be difficult to fathom at first. It is hoped that students will ask plenty of questions and remain engaged until enough information has been presented to lend to the full verification of the truth.

There will be no testing. No one can fail the classes. The student's ability to open up to new modes of thought will be observed. During classes we will explore ancient texts, tablets, archeological finds, lore and much more to uncover alternate histories. Much of the material is on power point including amazing photos and exhaustive research.

Step # 2

A submission of essay

The perspective priest is here required to produce an essay detailing their thoughts and motivations concerning ordination. The Essay need not be more than two pages and should describe one's most personal insights into becoming a priest. The essay may be turned in at any time, however it must be received prior to the interview with the Malku Priest.


33 Meditations

All perspective priests are required to conduct 33 hour long meditations with Melchizedek. The meditations will help ones energy become aligned with that of the Order Of Melchizedek prior to the reception of the full energy during ordination. Students will receive information which may help facilitate the meditation process during the first class, therefor the meditations may begin anytime after the first class. Only one meditation may be conducted per day. Daily meditation is not required however it is helpful in order to establish a comfortable connection. After ordination the priest may find that he/she is in daily contact with Melchizedek. This may continue in the form of meditation or simple communion during the course of any given day.

The 33 meditations are most important and the initiate should begin to notice changes within the self. The initiate may begin to more strongly question paradigms, dogmas, and beliefs. However during this process the initiate will begin to feel that there is a deep inner wisdom from which to draw and Melchizedek will lead you firmly to it. This well of insight will help solve your riddles and answer your questions and expand your awareness.



The Interview with the High Malku Priest will be conducted only after all of the classes have occurred and prior to the completion of the 33 meditations with Melchizedek. During the interview process the initiate may be asked many questions concerning there motivations and goals as a priest. During the interview the initiate may ask questions and or receive counseling concerning the thoughts and concerns about the priesthood. The interview process will yield the decision both by the Malku as well as the initiate as to whether they are to be ordained into the Order Of Melchizedek


Ordination ceremony

The ordination ceremony will be conducted at a place chosen by the ordaining priest. The Initiate may bring as many witnesses as he/she wishes however at least one witness of the initiates choosing must be present during the ceremony. The procedure will entail

  • The reading of ancient Shemetic ritual along with English translation.
  • Various blessings will be performed by smudging with sacred ash
  • The opening of the crown will be performed
  • The transfer of the ka of Melchizedek by breath to the initiate
  • The sealing of the crown by anointing with oil of rose and spikenard. These two oils are of the highest vibration and are the most expensive of all nards.
  • The proclamation
  • The sacrament of shem-mannah and wine. All attendees will receive sacrament as well. The sacrament will be the actual shem-mannah which has likely not been offered as sacrament for 2000 years. Everything concerning our sacrament will be taught during the class on manna.

What the priest will receive

  • The anointed priest will receive a document of priesthood which may be framed and displayed
  • A priest manual will be presented. However these have yet to be prepared and so there may be some wait for the first ordained priests. This partially has to do with funding at this time.
  • A vial of nard which has been blessed in the presence of Adonai.
  • The priest will also be granted a frame able document detailing the priests rights and status within the society of the Ancient and Sovereign Order of Melchizedek.
  • The priest may as well receive their document in a beautifully and artfully crafted ancient style scroll wall hanging for an additional offering.


First Sermon

After the ordination the newly ordained Priest will schedule a time when the new Priest will conduct a first sermon and offer a sacrament. The location of the sermon will be at the place of the new Priest's choosing. The sermon or teaching will be conducted for a congregation of three or more plus the ordaining Priest. The sacrament shall be performed in a Eucharistic manner and may continue into a supper provided by the newly ordained priest. The Supper may be a full meal or simple foods and refreshments. The Supper shall begin with the sacrament ceremony and continue with casual conversation. The procedure of the sacrament and sermon are the sole prerogative of the host/Priest as well as the time and location of the proceedings.

Step #7


Anyone may become a member of our Society, 
Priest candidates may become members of the Temple of Melchizedek before they take classes in order to reduce class prices however are not required to become members of the AASOOM until the end of the ordination process. Membership dues for priests in the AASOOM (see below for priest membership dues) must be paid to receive ordination documentation. Membership dues for priests are paid annually in order to maintain priestly rights and credentialing. When dues are payed each year, priests will receive a dated decal to place upon their documents thus displaying their renewed status. Priests who have allowed membership to 

lapse may renew at any time without penalty.

Members of the Temple of Melchizedek who are not Priests will receive a membership document detailing member related rights. Membership rights will include discounted pricing on classes, services and products, access to sanctuaries and resources of the Corporation Sole and access to upcoming web site membership areas and services. A Priest's Membership in the AASOOM also includes membership in the Society of the Order of Melchizedek, as the Society is a part of the greater AASOOM.

What rights will the priest possess

The priest will have the right to perform the following;

  • Weddings, bindings, hand fastings
  • Baptism
  • Funerals
  • Christenings, namings
  • Anointing
  • Teach, preach
  • Spiritual counseling, and healing
  • Communion
  • Sacramental and the eucharist
  • Rites of passage
  • Last rites
  • Meditations
  • Blessings

Priests whom ascend to higher levels of priesthood may gain through their training the skills necessary to gain the rights to perform additional services such as, ordination, spirit releasement, psychological counseling, alchemy, apothecary, hypnotherapy, and more.

Should the priest possess training in these or other areas prior to ordination, additions to the rights may be added to the priest document at the discretion of the High Priest.

Fees for training classes and ordination

Ordination Training Classes- All classes described herein will be offered to members at a cost of $50 per class day each.

The price for non members will be $65.00 per class day each.

Priest Membership dues $100.00 per year.

Ordination fees are $200.00 this covers production of the ordination sacrament, priest counseling session, essay review, ordination oils, priest nard, document printing.