Temple of Melchizedek

dedicated to the promotion of peace

an introduction

An introduction to the Ancient and Sovereign Order of Melchizedek and the Temple of Melchizedek

The Ancient and Sovereign Order of Melchizedek is a spiritual organization offering training and classes leading to ordination into the Order of Melchizedek, along with many other services. The Ancient and Sovereign Order of Melchizedek (AASOOM) also offers membership in our Society called The Temple of Melchizedek for those not wishing to become an ordained priest or priestess, or who would like to participate in our work while they are in the process of being ordained.

Mission Statement
The Ancient and Sovereign Order of Melchizedek and The Temple of Melchizedek is dedicated to the promotion and ambassadorship of holy peace through the ordained priesthood after the order of Melchizedek and the furthering of the principles of peace as handed down from Adon El Elyon ( Lord Most High ). The principles of peace will be taught in temple mass and throughout the greater community by ordained priests and church members through outreach programs, counseling, and daily life. The T.O.M. seeks to promote health and well being of the mind, body, spirit and environment, and a peaceful dominion with all.

The Temple of Melchizedek

The Temple of Melchizedek is a membership organization composed of initiates and priests. Within the priesthood there are five offices, priest, philosopher, magi, malku, and diplomat.
Our priests in good standing are Public Ministers and Ambassadors of Peace, they are entities of a Sovereign Ancient Religious Order and as such are diplomats possessing full diplomatic immunity.