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The classes conducted by the
Temple of Melchizedek may be attended by anyone who wishes to attend whether or not they plan to pursue ordination. Classes are not intended to teach any form of dogma or ideology. Classes are intended to bring forth information which has been gleaned from historical research for the purpose of enlightenment. If a person is intended for the priesthood after the order of Melchizedek then the presented information will free the initiate from limiting dogmas, ideologies, and beliefs that may hamper personal ascension and growth. Attendees are not expected to believe all or any of the material presented in class. However perspective priests are expected to be able to open their minds to new possibilities and probabilities which may not fit in their current paradigm.

For the attentive student the priesthood preparation classes will manifest personal change which will extend to every facet of one's being. This material when presented congruently will change the student forevermore while opening up unimaginable pathways to enlightenment. However for those who have been shackled by limiting dogmas, the information will be difficult to fathom at first. It is hoped that students will ask plenty of questions and remain engaged until enough information has been presented to lend to the full verification of the truth.

There will be no testing. No one can fail the classes. The student's ability to open up to new modes of thought will be observed. During classes we will explore ancient texts, tablets, archeological finds, lore and much more to uncover alternate histories. Much of the material is on power point including amazing photos and exhaustive research.

List of classes and time to complete

1. Order of Melchizedek history, identity and the tenants of the priesthood

Including information on, Tubal Cain, Ring lords and ancient kings, Thoth, Abraham, Israelites, Exodus episode and much more. Who was Melchizedek? Did he have other names and titles? Was he born before the flood, how long did he live and what became of him? This class will also cover most of what one needs to know in order to practice as a priest. How can the priesthood help you in your profession and daily life? Class time 2 days

2. Jesus, his ministry, history, facts and fiction, links to the Order of Melchizedek

Did Jesus have children and if so who were they. Learn about the Nazareans, the Essenic Jewish sect to which Jesus belonged. Learn about his family and what became of them after the crucifixion. Did Jesus have secret teachings and if so who did he pass them on to and what did these teachings reveal. Class time 2 days.

3. Mannah

This class will cover history of the sacrament of Melchizedek and Jesus. Here we will uncover the secrets of manna and reveal modern research concerning this life giving food of the light body. We will follow it's use and associated lore through the ages while revealing it's many names and forms. This class will reveal the true origins of the philosophers stone, the phoenix, and the sacred bread of the covenant. Class time 1 day

4. Anunnaki

Here we will reveal the mind boggling information concerning the real meaning of the Elohim, creation of Adam, and the beginnings of Homo-sapiens and a host of other species. Here we will learn about the olden Gods. Were they people or were they supreme? Presentation on power point Class time 1 day

5. Myth, dogma, lore and heresy

Here we will explore some of the greatest, myths, dogmas, lore, and heresies of all history. We will hear such names as Mary Magdalene, Count Dracula, Yeshua Ben Yoseph, Joseph of Arimathea, and the infamous Lucifer. We will learn about the Knights Templar, the Tuatha De Dannon. And much more. Class time 1 day.

6. Ascension Alchemy

In this class we will learn about our right to ascend and what it means to do so. We will reveal our abilities to co create our realities, and influence our luck, fortune and happiness. We will discuss angelic contact and the use of the higher self as a filter for higher communication. During this class we will do many exercises and meditations. This class is partially on power point. Class time 2 days

7. Qabalah

Qabalah is an ancient Semitic magical practice designed to awaken the subtle awareness of the inner eye. This practice involves meditation and contemplation exercises that help bring about a peaceful expanded consciousness. This class is a brief introduction to Qabalah. Interested students may join more in-depth classes if desired. Class time 1 day.

NOTE: We are in the process of expanding this class outline and will be including several new classes, as electives, in the very near future. Please watch for further updates.