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About the book - This is the ultimate story of the human race. It is the story of the manna and the bread of the covenant, the story of the Philosopher's Stone and the Phoenix. The story you are about to read is a guide and a milepost and will change your life forevermore. This story contains history, science, lore and fantasy. It is the stuff that movies are made of; yet there has never been a movie made about it. It is a story of the reason for our existence as a species. This story is scientific, yet metaphysical; it is religious, yet heretical; and it is, above all, alchemical. This story may seem fantastic but it is truthful to the best of my ability to communicate it. There is something here for everyone, yet some will toss it aside, for they will not be ready for its life-changing message. Others will cling to it and, as a result, begin new quests in life. And no one who reads this story will remain unchanged.

About the authorDr. Robert R. Martin, Jr. holds degrees in Environmental Sciences, Holistic Health Sciences and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. He is certified by a number of boards including registration as an Environmental Professional, Master Hypnotherapist and Alternative Health Practitioner. Dr. Martin also owned an environmental engineering firm in Virginia for 18 years. During this time, he maintained a hypnotherapy and holistic health practice which he continues today. Dr. Martin also pursues the ancient art of alchemy, utilizing the fruits of his work to manufacture a host of curative and therapeutic mixtures. During his quest for the Philosopher’s Stone, he discovered the teachings of the Order of Melchizedek and became an ordained priest. He is now the Patriarch of the Ancient and Sovereign Order of Melchizedek, a corporation sole which hosts The Temple of Melchizedek- a society of ambassadorial priests of peace. Dr. Martin teaches classes across the country to Order of Melchizedek initiates. He is also a seasoned speaker and teacher offering classes and seminars in Practical Alchemy, Ascension Alchemy and Quantum Mechanics, Forbidden History, Holistic Health and more. Robert enjoys playing and writing music and creating works of art and craft in multi media. He lives with his wonderful wife and energetic young son on a mountain top in rural Virginia where he and his family enjoy gardening, hiking and the view from the porch of their roomy log home.